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Email: What’s the point!

Delete. Delete. Delete. Oh no! There are many styles of writing and they all serve a very specific purpose.  I am going to focus on one type of writing that most people don’t think enough about; business email. “Action email” is the term I’m going to use to describe an email with the intent of…

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There is nothing interesting about the subject of copywriting.  In general, it’s pretty boring.  There are tasks and patterns, lists and formats to write and produce good copy.  What IS really interesting are the emotions that get stirred up with good writing; the inspiration that drives the writer and the experiences that spawn an idea. …

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I have found myself working hard and not making money because I am an order taker and the current projects keep expanding with no additional income.  Pricing and packaging is better than taking orders. Put together a package deal.  – Physical products are touchable and you can check it out first then buy.  Services can’t…

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