There is nothing interesting about the subject of copywriting.  In general, it’s pretty boring.  There are tasks and patterns, lists and formats to write and produce good copy. 

What IS really interesting are the emotions that get stirred up with good writing; the inspiration that drives the writer and the experiences that spawn an idea. 

I cried the other day. 

That doesn’t happen very often for men.  I cried because I was overwhelmed with pride, which is even more interesting.  You wouldn’t think it could get more interesting until you hear that I cried because I was overwhelmed with pride for my son.  To add onto that, this all happened while I was on a date. 

Talk about embarrassing!

That is not supposed to happen on a date.  Men are supposed to portray they’re most-manly self. (Side note:  Women don’t really want to see your most-manly self on a date… but that is another topic).

This isn’t a blog about me crying on a date or about being proud of my son; although, you can read about that here.  This is a blog about writing, writing that inspires or creates curiosity or stirs emotion.  Let me give you one word and I want to hear about what stirs inside of you, what inspires you or what fills you with emotion.

Today’s word:  Debt

One response to “Interesting”

  1. Hey Thomas. This is a really great post. Keep them coming. I will write a reply to your topic word for the day: Debt shortly.


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