Email: What’s the point!

Delete. Delete. Delete. Oh no!

There are many styles of writing and they all serve a very specific purpose.  I am going to focus on one type of writing that most people don’t think enough about; business email.

“Action email” is the term I’m going to use to describe an email with the intent of getting someone to take action or provide a response.  It might be to a business subordinate or employee that is on the same level as you are.  Email writing should follow a very specific format due to the environment in which it is being read.  Most people push through their email with the main objective of deleting anything they deem unimportant to find those that are either interesting or require some attention.

The subject line matters.  It should include an idea of the main topic while drawing the reader in.  For example.  Subject:  Your address is needed or you will miss out.  If you do not grab the attention of the reader in the subject line you stand a chance of losing them all together. 

Your email must be short and to the point.  Have you ever gotten an email that was 2 paragraphs long, 10 pt. font, from margin to margin and you said, “I’m not reading that”?  If you must include additional details, separate the text with bullet points or bold font to draw the eye to the important parts and give their eyes a break. 

If you have an “ask”, put it first.  After your initial ask you can supply any backup details or specific that make the ask more clear.  If a person has to read through 100 words to determine what you want, you have lost them. 

Wrap up the email by restating the ask and the date it is due followed by a sincere thank you.

One response to “Email: What’s the point!”

  1. Cool blog. I have never thought about email in that frame of mind!


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