Above the fold

The first picture on a dating profile… The header on a resume… The subject line on a business email… What do all of these have in common?  A first impression.  The most important real estate on your website is the top of the home page.  This is your first impression.  It must draw your prospective client in but not overwhelm them with too much information.  There must be enough content on the initial screen to let your customer know they have reached the right place but leave them curious and looking for more.  This prime real estate is often termed, “above the fold”; the saying originated in the newspaper business.  The headline, tagline and prominent picture were the only things visible as the newspaper sat in the stand.  It had to contain attention-grabbing content or photo to sell more papers.  Your website is the same. 

You were able to get the client to your page through effective SEO but now you have to keep them there and get them to look deeper.  The area above the fold or above the scroll, as it is on a website, is your first impression.  If it is too simple and does not contain enough detail, you might lose your perspective client.  If it is too busy and hard to follow, you might lose your client as well.  Focus on your headline and tag line with a relevant, intriguing, eye-catching photo.  This is not easy to do.  When it is your business, you may be too close to it to really see it from a client’s perspective.  That is where a copywriter comes in.  When looking for someone to produce good content it is important that they understand your industry and what your clients are looking for.  It is an added bonus if they have been a client.

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